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There are a number of essential components that must be addressed in order to facilitate a successful real estate transaction. Wizard Realty is comprised of seasoned professionals who know how to proceed with due diligence and secure the physical and economic data necessary to satisfy buyer or investor to insure a timely closing and occupancy.

For retail, industrial and office leases, Wizard Realty thoroughly reviews all lease documents and tenant finish floor plans. We make sure our clients understand all common area maintenance (CAM) expenses as well as any other real estate taxes.

We review building amenities, tenant HVAC maintenance specifications, separate metering of electricity, parking allocations, signage restrictions and security components of each property as it relates to the proposed effective rent desired by our client.

Our clients have access to the vast database in addition to the marketing exposure provided on the Wizard Realty website. Option is available to our clients for searches as well as for marketing their properties. It is the most comprehensive, verified database of residential and commercial real estate information available to support the leasing, sales and valuation processes.

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